Franck Talbart


Project Manager / Software Engineer
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Email Email: franck at talbart dot fr
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Business address

10, rue Andras Beck

92369 Meudon la Forêt

About me

I currently work on a burst buffer system (IO accelerator on High Performance Computers) as a technical leader in Quality Assurance at DDN storage.

For this purpose, I am designing and developing from scratch an HPC (High Performance Computing) oriented framework to ease test automation in a distributed environment. The tool includes a scalable system deployment on Slurm and Amazon EC2 (up to 1000 nodes), a complete API to execute arbitrary code and scripts remotely, a performance testing system, a chart generator, a defect reproducer and many other internal modules.

I previously worked as an expert engineer and a project manager in computer science at the Exascale Computing Laboratory (Intel).

The main purpose of my Team and I was the design and implementation of the CTI tool. CTI stands for Codelet Tuning Infrastructure. It is a research tool used to perform Application Characterization analysis. For more information regarding CTI, please check out the official website.

I am also in charge of the System Administration lectures and the UNIX tutorials at the ISTY engineering school, Versailles / Vélizy-Villacoublay.

I obtained a five-year degree (equivalent to the European master degree of computer science) in this school, and was ranked first during the three years.


The slides and the past exam topics (french) can be found in the git repository.


  • Software engineering, programming techniques,
  • Requirements, specifications, design, implementation, validation,
  • Team management, methodologies, Agile software development.

Curriculum Vitae

You can download my C.V. in PDF format here. The French version is here.